Understanding Your Client’s Needs for the Best Experience

May 22
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Kimberly Michelle
Jack Winn Pro

Kimberly Michelle is a stylist, texture hair expert, educator, and product developer. Her career focus has always been to help professionals establish, build, and grow successful beauty businesses by connecting their everyday practices to the unspoken needs of the modern client. 

Before entering the beauty industry, Kimberly Michelle achieved a bachelor of science degree in Psychology. She credits her career success to her focus on the quiet psychology that is behind the success of some of today’s most booming beauty businesses. She believes that in order to achieve continued growth and expansion in the salon/suite business, the beauty professional must understand and execute on the experiential side of the service.

This session is a business talk focusing on: 

               -The global generation impact on the beauty industry

               -The economic power of today’s consumers

               -Understanding Gen Zs and the Gen Z opportunity

               -Simple efforts for reshaping your suite environment  

               -Ways to drive dramatic growth in your beauty business