Boundaries and Breath Work: Maintaining Balance

May 22
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Shelby Bettencourt
Makers Salon

MODERN SALON launched our Independent Boot Camp to help salon professionals succeed, specifically those artists who are working as solo-preneurs. 

That mission aligns with the teaching and coaching of Shelby Bettencourt (@shelby_bettercourt).

Shelby is a stylist, salon owner, podcast host (Healthy Wealthy Stylist), educator and a Breathwork Facilitator.  Her focus is helping beauty professionals make more money, create systems, and feel better both mentally and physically through coaching, online training and in-person events.

She brings all these skills to a session on “Boundaries and Breathwork.”

Shelby will talk about…

  • What do we mean when we talk about setting boundaries?
  • How can boundaries help you and your business?
  • What will help you feel safe in setting boundaries? And then enforcing them?
  • How will setting up systems in your business help you?  And how do you know where you need these systems?

And because boundaries are designed to give you space to breathe, figuratively and literally, Shelby will also take us through some breathwork that she says helped her open her salon and feel more comfortable and confident when it came to making decisions around her life and business.   When you connect to your breath, you also connect to your courage.

This session will give you the opportunity to think about where setting boundaries could be a healthy move for you, and to ask questions about how to get started, while also firing up your breath, helping you feel more centered and able to take in all this great Boot Camp information!

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