Social Media Marketing

May 22
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Leysa Carillo
Forever Curls

Yara De La Torre
Lashes & Curls Studio

Chrystal Ponds
Color In Chrystal

Adrienne Velazquez
The Seven Figure Boss

We hear from a panel of artists who have found the unique proposition that sets their brand apart, and we learn how they communicate this via social media and digital marketing.

Leysa Carillo started as a bridal stylist in Las Vegas, but she made a huge shift in her career and dedicated herself to the curly-haired client. She wanted to dedicate herself to a specific clientele, while also making more money.  She rebranded herself via social media and attracted that ideal client.

Yara de la Torre is a balayage and color specialist who had to rethink everything about how she worked after a devastating injury.  Today, after some fruitful soul-searching, she has aligned with her purpose. Yara does business coaching to “help you find your very own alignment and success.”  Yara also used social media to share her new teachings and to develop her coaching business.